JD Swallow Home Heating & Air Conditioning Sales, Service, Rentals, Installation, Ottawa Ontario
JD Swallow Home Heating & Air Conditioning Sales, Service, Rentals, Installation, Ottawa Ontario
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Heating and Air Conditioning Services

JD Swallow Heating Contracting Inc. provides sales, service, rentals and installation for:

Peace of Mind For Gas Furnaces

Our convenient system billing offers you a choice of methods to keep your equipment serviced. Having your gas furnace maintained and inspected helps prevent breakdowns and unexpected repairs that could be extremely costly. Examples of the most common breakdowns and repair costs are as follows:
  1. Gas Valve - $520.00 Service Call
  2. Ventor Motor - $673.50 Service Call
  3. Fan Motor - $517.25 Service Call

It is also very possible to have more than one repair in a furnace breakdown.

Why not have peace of mind to ensure your gas furnace is maintained and covered in the event of a failure. JD Swallow's annual Gas Furnace Maintenance & Warranty package offers just that.

This package includes a complete inspection, cleaning and our PRIORITY 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE of the furnace which entails the following for one convenient low price.

  • Check Thermostat Calibration -ensures proper heating cycles and maintains proper room air temperature
  • Clean and Adjust Burner Assembly - helps provide safe and efficient operation of your gas furnace
  • Clean Ignition Assembly - helps operate gas furnace more efficiently
  • Examine Heat Exchangers for Damage and Corrosion - ensure no Carbon is present and operation is safe
  • Monitor Flue Draft - ensure safe operation
  • Test Safety Controls for safe operation
  • Clean/Inspect Air Filters - Ensures proper air flow and air quality
  • Clean and Adjust Blower Components - eliminate noise and vibration
  • Measure for Correct Air Flow - Ensure proper airflow
  • Tighten/Inspect Electrical Connections - prevents the potential for future breakdowns
  • Measure volts and amps - ensure safe operation
  • Lubricate all Moving Parts - ensures longevity of components
  • Check Condensate Drains - helps reduce mold and algae, prevents damaging water leaks
  • Measure Temperature Difference between Supply and Return Air- maximizes warm and comfort and ensure proper operation
  • Check/Adjust Gas Pressure - help reduce gas consumption while maximizing heating capacity
  • Adjust Pilot - helps furnace run more smoothly and efficient
  • Monitor Heating Cycle to prevent future breakdowns of your gas furnace

Heat exchangers are excluded from this plan.


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JD Swallow Home Heating & Air Conditioning Sales, Service, Rentals, Installation, Ottawa Ontario